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Immigration to Australia

What is Australia immigration all about?

Australia has become the preferred choice for immigration. The Australian government is allowing immigration as per its visa class 189. This visa class is useful because it allows migration of skilled labor to this country.

The landscape of Australia consists of beaches, mountains and in short is a pleasant experience for someone who decides to stay here. Apart from the amazing landscape, the country of Australia also has great working opportunities because so many companies are located here like Telstra, National Australia Bank and Xstrata Holdings. This country also has excellent infrastructure in the form of Metro Trains Melbourne which provides intra-Melbourne transport.

The other transport services are handled by commuter rails in different cities of Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.



The candidates need to fulfill certain requirements to get this visa.

⇨ He should not be more than 50 years old and less than 18 years old.

⇨ The candidate needs to provide an Expression of Interest mentioning the total points. The visa is granted as per the fulfillment of the conditions of its point structure. The points should be 60 and the points for different categories of age, work experience and language proficiency and should be mentioned in the Expression of Interest submitted by the candidate.

⇨ The candidate must be able to prove that he has at least competent English levels for him to score the qualifying 60 points. To prove his language proficiency, the candidate has to appear for the IELTS exam. For competent English levels, the candidate should have scored a minimum score of 6 in all the bands including writing, speaking, listening and reading. The other tests which can also be taken to prove language proficiency in lieu of IELTS are PTE Academic, TOEFL (ibt) and OET.

⇨ The immigration to Australia candidate needs to choose an occupation which is mentioned on the Skilled Occupations List and then he will pursue it in Australia.

⇨ It’s important to submit your EOI through the Skillselect program. This program will find a suitable employer for you as per your chosen occupation.

Categories eligible for scoring points

⇨ Work Experience: The candidate can score points for his skilled work experience, whether gained inside or outside Australia. There are different points awarded for different years of experience. The maximum points of 15 are awarded to those candidates who have work experience of 8-10 years outside Australia and 20 for the same years of experience inside Australia.

⇨ Education: The candidate can get maximum points of 20 if he holds a doctorate degree from an Australian institution or an institution of the same worth. A candidate can get 15 points for a completed bachelor’s degree.

Why is Australia immigration happening at a fast pace?

The reason for this is there is no lack of good employment in this country. There are jobs in all sectors like automotive and IT.

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