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Immigration to Hongkong

Hong Kong can be your home too

Hong Kong can provide you with a spectacular lifestyle. It has the best of malls and pubs available for excursion. There are many opportunities for youngsters to get jobs in this highly developed city. The best about the QMAS scheme of Hong Kong is that no offer of valid employment is required for the aspiring immigrant to settle in Hong Kong. It’s the best part about the immigration scheme of this country.


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Hong Kong Immigration Visa

Hong Kong immigration has been simplified by the introduction of General Points test. Under this point’s structure, the candidates need to get a minimum of 80 points for the distinct classes of age, language proficiency, and education and work experience. A candidate can only get points for age if he is 50 years old or younger than that.

As per the Quality Migrant Admission scheme (QMAS) applicable for immigration to Hong Kong, a candidate can also get 40 points for his education if he holds a Master’s degree. He can also get 55 points for his work experience given he has a minimum work experience of 10 years in a higher role. For language proficiency, 20 points can be scored if a candidate has proficiency in both Chinese and English.

After filling up all your details on the Visa House website, you can get your resume assessed for the eligibility for a Hong Kong immigration visa. You will be informed about the points which you are eligible to score under the general points test applicable under the QMAS of this country.

Get complete aid for immigration to Hong Kong

Hong Kong immigration is a boon for people who can benefit from the amazing infrastructure of this country. This country has amazing opportunities available for the residents in terms of jobs and its extraordinary ambience. A country, replete with skyscrapers and theme parks like the Hong Kong Disneyland, it offers plenty of opportunities to residents to enjoy life as much as possible.

It’s a pleasure to be in this country because happiness thrives here due to the development and prosperity of this region. Immigration to Hong Kong is possible under the Quality Migrant Admission


Under this scheme, immigration can be granted once the candidate is able to get 80 points as per the designated point structure (General Points Test) of this scheme. As per this scheme points are given to the aspiring candidates for different criterion of age, work experience and education. For example, a candidate can score maximum 55 points including 40 points for a minimum of 10 years of experience and if the candidate has this experience in an international role, he can get 15 points extra, making it a total of 55 points.

For getting immigration to Hong Kong, we can help you immensely:

⇨ We provide you language coaching in English which can help you in scoring 20 points maximum. However a candidate needs to have proficiency in Chinese language (either Cantonese or Putonghua) also to score these many points.

⇨ As far as points for education are concerned, the candidates can score points of 40 if they have two doctoral degrees or a Master’s degree.

⇨ The best part about the Hong Kong immigration scheme is that the main applicant can also get points for his children provided they are younger than 18 years. However, the maximum points which can be scored for this category are 10 points, 5 for each minor child.

⇨ The candidates can get points of 30 if his age is between 18-39 years.

At Visa house, we help in preparation of a complete immigration visa application of the candidate and file it for him.
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