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Visa House is an immigration advisory firm which has been providing immaculate help to its clients since 2002. Past experience is excellent with handling almost 3000+ clients. We have an amazing experience with our clients since the past 15 years which has made us specialists in dealing with such visas. Our talented and zealous counselors have handled cases of so many of our clientele aspiring to go to Australia, Hong Kong and Canada. Negligible fees charged for handling immigration cases of diverse clients whether graduate or post-graduate and from different age-groups and locations. Visa House has knowledge in extraordinary detail about the immigration procedures. We know completely about the point structure of all these countries.

Immigration for Canada

We are getting applications for immigration for Canada on an unprecedented rise. It’s because the country has introduced changes in its point structure. Now, a job offer in Canada can only get an applicant 200/50 points instead of 600 granted earlier.

Express Entry

The applicants can get complete and meticulous application filing from us for the Express entry and GSM procedures (visa class 189) of Canada and Australia respectively. It’s better to consult us rather than seeing your application getting rejected. You can get complete advice regarding your potential for Immigration.

Continental immigration consultancy services New Delhi

Canada is the second best country for residence in the world as per the “U.S. News in partnership with Y&R's BAV and Wharton survey” conducted for 80 countries in which Switzerland has bagged the first position. These rankings have been influenced by BREXIT. Canada has openly welcomed multiculturalism since the year 1971.

It has Great Visa Rates because Canadian government wants to boost the skills of its labor.Canada has the ranking of 4th as far as the factor of citizenship is concerned. So, it’s one of the best countries to seek immigration and finally citizenship. Just give us a call on 011-47114100. You can also fill the contact form on our website.

Visa House Immigration Overseas Company is a leading law firm in New Delhi offers Immigration and visa services to customers who expact to migrate to significant world objectives.


Immigration To Canada

immigration to canada

Canada immigration is the most contented for immigration processes these days. It’s because of the great adaptability which is offered for immigrants here. Visa House can offer you the maximum assistance because it can help you evade through the competition which exists. It helps in the application filing process completely.

Immigration To Australia


To be eligible for immigration to Australia, a candidate needs to be younger than 50 years. He should also have a score of 60 points at least which is calculated as per the point structure eligible under the visa class 189. Under this class, the maximum points for age are given to those candidates who are in the age group of 18-24 years.

Immigration To HongKong


Hong Kong immigration scheme (QMAS) Quality Migrant Admission Scheme is a great way to attain permanent residence in this country. It has a General Points Test which is used for testing the eligibility for immigration of potential candidates. As per this test, the candidates are awarded points on the different factors of age, work experience, professional qualification, language proficiency and family background.

Germany Jobseeker Visa


Immigration refers to leaving the home country and going to a foreign country to gain employment or for permanent residence. This process has been going on for decades. Immigration since the past has had positive effects on the host country i.e. the country which welcomes immigration.

Get a Free Assessment

This is where Visa House which is a pioneer of immigration related services in India has helped immigrants gain their desired place in the world. We suggest the country of immigration based on the candidate’s resume and his capabilities like language proficiency, age and work experience. We also provide the required assistance on the filing of dependent visas. A crucial reason why it’s important to immigrate is to get luxurious lifestyle and get the best possibilities for your family. Lifestyle is the crux for immigration. Visa House has been responsible for the success of so many Indian citizens able to get successful immigration statues abroad.

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