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Visa House: The name itself now evokes confidence and credibility in the minds of clients when they hear about it. There are positive feed-backs about this company because there is a huge client’s database of almost more than 3000 clients. Because of the happy 3000 clients, there has been a huge word-of-mouth publicity about us. No exorbitant amount of funds is charged from clients who are eager for an immigration status to countries such as Hong Kong, Canada or the archipelago of Australia.Visa House has gained so much positive reviews for its education abroad services. It can get you easy access to study in Singapore and study in Canada visas apart from those of other countries. Contact Visa House on 011-47114100 to get complete information. Visa House is the best way to go abroad

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⇨ Easy to access

⇨ We are available 24/7 for our clients.

⇨ Our pre-assessment process clarifies your status regarding the success of your application.

⇨ Our assessments are provided to you in writing created through our specific templates, which include your eligibility vis-à- vis a country’s immigration requirements.

Document Guidance

⇨ We are filing 4 cases everyday for immigration processes and we are very well versed with the experience of advising our clients regarding compilation of necessary documents and arrangement of alternative applicable documents in case the prescribed ones are not available.

Error-Free Filing

⇨ By virtue of our experience, we are able to file an immigration application thoroughly.Our team of more than 100 counselors with five years of experience each,has an in-depth knowledge of processes for all the immigration visas. They have imbibed our work culture of attending to each client painstakingly. Almost 3000+ clients are already settled abroad through our assistance.

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Immigration visas have become a major requirement for people who want to settle overseas in developed countries like Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Germany. The number of customers of such services has been increasing rapidly over the years. Due to the urgency with such visas are required, it’s necessary to consult immigration advisory companies that have counselors working with diligence and planning so that seekers are able to get immigration on time.

We know that your immigration is an important process for you. The application submitted by you will be analyzed by our immigration counselors and sent for approval to the concerned immigration department of a particular country. You will have knowledge about the status of your immigration application and no information will be hidden from you.

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Visa House felicitated for its efforts as an immigration and study visa advisory firm

Visa House has become a recognized name in the past 15 years since it started its efforts in 2002 from a small office located in the town of HimayatNagar in Hyderabad. It was able to expand its operations to Delhi in 2004 by opening another office here.

Recently, this prestigious immigration and study visa advising company was honored for its efforts by inclusion in the rankings of 25 Most Promising Corporate Immigration Consultants For 2016 by Consultants Review. Visa House plans to increase the scope of its business and open offices in different countries such as USA and Europe.

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